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1. What Employees Really Want in 2021

Workers believe flexible models, digital technology, diversity and inclusion, and learning and development will drive the future of work, according to a major survey by Citrix.

  • They will seek opportunities with companies that share their vision and give them the space and tools they need to succeed and advance their careers.

Citrix surveyed 2,000 knowledge workers and 500 HR directors in large, established corporations and mid-market businesses based in the U.S. about what they want out of work.

Some key findings:

  • 83% of employees and 69% of HR directors think that workers will be more likely to move out of cities and other urban locations if they can work remotely for a majority of the time.

  • 82% of employees and 62% of HR directors believe that workers will need to reskill or upskill at least once a year to maintain a competitive advantage in a global job market.

  • 73% of employees and 72% of HR directors believe that the increased use of technology moving forward will break down hierarchies within organizations.

Say what? On average, around two-thirds of employees and HR directors say they feel more connected to their direct manager, CEO, senior management team, and peers when working remotely than when working in the office.

Download the report.

2. Returning to Work? Not So Fast.

40% of organizations are planning to return to the workplace by March 2021, according to a report published by The Conference Board. That’s some pretty optimistic thinking.

  • Can employers legally require their employees to return to work during a pandemic? (Some answers here.)

  • The covid-19 crisis puts all plans in flux anyway.

Other findings from the report:

  • More employees will work primarily from home (at least three days per week) after covid-19.

  • Organizations are three times more willing to hire remote workers now than pre-pandemic. 

  • Finding qualified workers is still a challenge for most organizations.

  • Many organizations are reporting a productivity increase.

  • Working significantly more hours has come at a cost to employee well-being.

  • The pain continues as cost-reduction actions are still planned for the next three months.

Read the report.

3. Re-creating the Watercooler Experience Is Hard

Watercooler conversations happen in “liminal spaces” that are beyond formal definition, writes Beth Daley, editor of The Conversation.

As soon as we try to design them too tightly, they tend to flee elsewhere – the stairwell, the bus stop, the dead space at the back of the building. We like them because no one is in particular control of what goes on there or what we say to each other. They are thresholds, places of transition. And because we are passing through, there’s a potential spontaneity in what we may think, say and even do.

  • 💭 MY THOUGHT: Any attempt to re-create the watercooler experience feels contrived and is doomed to fail. Don’t force it. Employees will find ways to gab, vent, and ideate. Let it happen.

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4. Up Your Game in MS Teams

Dynamic View is coming to Microsoft Teams in March. According to Microsoft, the feature lets you see meeting participants and presentation content side-by side, while also being able to customize how that information appears on your screen. (Contrast that to Zoom, which has a more limited, static version of presentation sharing.)

  • Watch the video above to learn more about what’s coming to Teams.

5. What Should I Watch Next?

agoodmovietowatch recommends highly-rated and often little-known titles from the world's best filmmakers and showrunners. You can find movies to watch on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Kanopy, Criterion, and more!

  • I spent just 15 minutes on the site and added three movies to my Hulu queue.

🍿 Happy watching.

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