Who or What Is Mister Editorial?

Practical, actionable, informative, and breezy

Hi Everyone!

Shaun Randol here, a.k.a. Mister Editorial. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

Last week I surprised many of your inboxes with what has turned out to be a viral article, “13 Internal Communications Blogs That Are Actually Worth Your Time.” I hope you liked it—it’s just a taste of what I intend with this one-of-a-kind newsletter.

I know you’re busy, so I’ll keep things high-level. In fact, all the articles in Mister Editorial are in a breezy but informative style, so you can scan, absorb, and act without much disruption to your day.

What It Is

Mister Editorial publishes at least once per week about editorial tactics and strategies for internal communications.

The advice is practical and actionable, with examples.

You’ll receive timely insights in your inbox that will help:

  • increase the return on investment for your time and deliverables

  • optimize your team, so they are more efficient and productive

  • scale your comms efforts internally and externally

  • provide clarity, consistency, and cohesiveness to your internal communications

The primary focus is on internal comms, but much of the advice also applies to:

  • communications in general; PR/external relations

  • HR (or as the trend goes, People Operations)

  • journalism; writing

You may have seen some of the articles published on Mister Editorial, such as:

“Newspaper Seller” (1914) by Marc Chagall


There are two subscription levels for this newsletter:


With a paid subscription you get unlimited access to all articles all the time. You can comment on paid articles and suggest topics for me to write about.

  • Individual subscriptions are just $10/month. That’s a ridiculously low cost considering you’re basically getting expert advice for $2.50/article. Show me a consultant who comes cheaper!

  • Corporate subscriptions are just $1,000/year. See the point above about ridiculously cheap consultancy.

  • BONUS: Corporate subscribers also get one free consultation — a $200 value!

  • You’ll also get a discount on a manual I’m writing about editorial strategies for internal comms. That’s right! I’m writing a book and you’ll be the first to know about it (well, second, after I tell Mom).


With an unpaid subscription one article per month is free to everyone, so even if you’re an unpaid subscriber please stick with it!

Until July 8 all articles are free to everyone!

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Note: I am a freelancer.
This is how I make my living, so if you think my work adds value to what you do, please consider becoming a paid subscriber.

Coming Up

In the coming weeks and months, this newsletter will feature valuable and practical insights into editorial tactics and strategies, such as:

  • How to Use Editorial Series to Optimize Your Internal Comms Strategy

  • Six Steps to Develop an Editorial Strategy for Internal Communications

  • How to Recycle Your Employee Newsletter to Increase Return on Investment

  • A/B Campaign Testing Ideas (hint: it’s more than just testing subject lines)

  • Two Simple Ways to Increase Open Rates in Your Employee Newsletter

Subscribing & Unsubscribing

To change the email address you want to use for this newsletter, simply reply to this note and let me know which email address you want to use.

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