What Is Mister Editorial?

Mister Editorial is the authority on Insider Communications for internal communications professionals.

Every week(ish) Mister Editorial publishes a newsletter for those who want to take their role and department to a higher level.

Topics and content include:

  • Examples of how other internal comms professionals are communicating with their employees—the good, bad, and the ugly.

  • Tips, best practices, and templates for internal communications.

  • Interviews with internal comms pros that include the tools they use, how their team operates, and screenshots(!) of internal channels.

  • Industry news for internal comms, from acquisitions to promotions to events and even debates about our profession.

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Meet Mister Editorial

Shaun Randol is the founder of Mister Editorial. He has 13 years of experience in internal communications (or employee communications, if you’re on that side of the debate) for multibillion dollar global corporations, nonprofits, and small companies. For more than 10 years he ran an online magazine and indie publisher dedicated to philosophy, arts and culture, international affairs, and literature. He lives a happy life in Oregon.

Shaun Randol
Shaun Randol is Mister Editorial