Mister Editorial Goes to Chemotherapy

Dear Subscribers and Internal Comms-rades,

I have been diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin Lymphoma, a rare but curable blood cancer. I received the news on Sep. 21 (the day before my wedding!). For the past month I have been processing what all of this means and arranging medical care. 

I will start chemotherapy tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 22. The doctors think chemotherapy could take as long as six months. You’ve probably heard that chemotherapy’s side effects are brutal, which means for the next six months I won’t be in tip-top shape. 

What does this mean for Mister Editorial? Like a lot of this situation…I’m unsure. I know that I will not be feeling well enough to provide the weekly (free) and biweekly (paid) dispatches you are accustomed to. I can’t promise how often I will post to Mister Editorial, but I do know that this kind of work greatly interests me and can be a welcome distraction. So what I can say now is that I’d like to publish when I am able to, but those posts will be a little more spread out, but also a little more substantive. 

My focus is on my health and getting better. Thank you for all of your support. I’ll see you in an occasional post, and look forward to building something bigger and better on the other side of treatment. 

Your comms-rade,

a.k.a. Mister Editorial